03/19/20 - Pastor John

The fruit of an apple tree is… an apple. I’m no scientist, but for the tree to make good apples, it has to be a healthy tree.

The fruits of God’s spirit within us are written in the scripture above - love, joy, peace, patience, etc.

Is it any wonder that we don’t produce such fruits when we aren’t healthy… physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. I’ve already been thinking a lot during this break about how I can be more loving, joyful, patient, peaceful, and gentle with those around me.

What I often fail to remember is that those “fruits” will almost naturally be created from within me when I focus more on how God’s spirit is calling me to grow. How often am I in prayer? How often to I think about God’s love. How often do I quiet my tongue and listen for God’s voice in my life.

Yes, I think it’s possible to create fruits like love, peace, and joy simply by willing them into being. But they begin to naturally grow when we tune into God’s spirit and the growth God wants for/in us. Then, instead of spending our energy trying to make “fruits” by trying hard, we can spend our energy on sharing the fruits God grows within us…

I’m praying for you.

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