03/19/20 - Pastor Angie

One of the things I am missing is going to the gym. I am accustomed to beginning my day with a workout at Orange Theory Fitness, but that is no longer an option.

When I heard that they would be closing, the night before I went to bed, I decided that I should just exercise on my own in the basement. I even picked out an exercise routine that I could do so that I wouldn’t be tempted to skip because I didn’t have a plan. The next morning, I drank a second cup of coffee and blew off exercise instead of following my plan. Not a good start!

The second day, Orange Theory Fitness started posting videos of workouts that you can do at home. So, I did that. I figured out that when they offered the 5-mnute cardio section, I could just dust off my treadmill and hop on for 30 minutes and my exercise routine wouldn’t be all that different from actually going to the gym.

What is different is who I see. I miss all those faces I am used to seeing every day. There’s Jennifer and Michelle who I routinely mix up on which one is which. There’s Violet and Dee and Anne Marie and a whole lot of other people whose faces I know but whose names I do not. I still miss them, and this is part of what I’m lamenting right now.

One of the things that I hope that we all do as a result of experiencing this time is to learn something from it, and to become better because of it. I decided when I do get to back to the gym, I am going to learn the names of those people. Instead of simply commiserating on the difficulty of the workout, I’m going to ask them how they are and how their families are doing. I am going to learn their names and something about them. I’m going to tell them I missed seeing them, and how good it is to see their faces again.

One of the important lessons we can all learn from this time of isolation, is the importance of relationship. We need each other. Calling someone by name and caring enough to get to know them, is loving our neighbor. When things get back to “normal”, and I fall back into old habits and forget to connect with all the people that I meet, somebody, please remind me!

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