03/22/20 - Pastor John

God’s strength will always be greater than my own.

This scripture kicks off a passage about the “armor” of God. When I’m in trouble or when I’m facing an adversary of any type, I’m often quick to ask for more strength. In my mind’s eye, I see my own muscles flexing, or hear my own words becoming more impressive.

But these are both relatively selfish ways of approaching strength. When I ask for God’s strength to be with me helps me be mindful in two different ways. First, I have to humble myself and realize that I am nothing without God’s power. Whatever power I have comes from God. There is no power I could ever have which could rival God’s power. Second, it reminds me that God’s power isn’t intended for things which are not holy. Why would I ask for strength to accomplish things which are not about God’s goodness, faithfulness or love.

Truth telling - I’m feeling sick today. So, I ask for God’s help and God’s strength. I don’t ask so that I can conquer, but so that I might continue to be a light for as long as God would allow. I know that God’s strength is sufficient.

I’ll be praying for you.

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