03/24/20 - Pastor John

In the past when I have applied for a job it has been clear to me how much that job was going to pay me.

In fact, I have applied for jobs especially and explicitly because of what is promised to be paid upon completion of work.

I’ve read the scripture above hundreds of times. But this particular translation grabbed (and convicted) me today.

“The wage that sin pays is death...”

I’ve always thought about “death” being a final penalty, not the upfront / known payment. But it actually makes more sense to me in this translation. When I sin, I feel disconnected. I sense loneliness. I feel lost. This feels like death to me. Now that I’ve experienced this, I know the wage I’ve been offered before I go to the “work” of sin. Does that knowledge help keep me away from that type work?

And then there is the last part of the scripture - God doesn’t offer us a wage for “not sinning”. God offers us a GIFT ready to be accepted - and this gift can’t be earned like a wage - Eternal life.

That eternal life begins today friends. Today I’d like to live in gratitude - grateful that even on the days I’ve chosen the wage of sin, God welcomes me to accept the gift of love and eternal life which I could never earn.

I’m praying for you.

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