03/25/20 - Pastor John

To confess is to tell or admit something - to make something known. I associate confession with beautiful things.

I have confessed that I someone. I have confessed that I was aware of a deeper truth. I have confessed that I have made mistakes.

Each of these confessions can lead to great things - great beauty, great truth, and I confess sometimes great pain. But confession is worth it because it restores our shared awareness of truth.

Confession is an admittance of truth. When we confess before God that we love God, it draws us closer to God’s self. When we confess before God we love other things more than God, it helps us reprioritize. When we confess that we have sinned - separated ourselves from God’s love - God can turn that hurt and that confession into a beautiful thing.

When we confess our sins, God reveals yet again His promise to forgive and welcome us back. We can be purified of all things that are not “righteous” (or like God) and be filled again with God’s love.

Sometimes confession can lead to hurt - feelings, systems, relationships - and sometimes hurts cannot be avoided. But as it relates to living in truth - living like Christ - confession brings healing, wholeness, and beauty. Perhaps approach confession today humbly, but also in joy knowing that though we fall short, God does not. God heals. God forgives. God loves.

I’m praying for you.

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