03/19/20 - Pastor Angie

One of the things I am missing is going to the gym. I am accustomed to beginning my day with a workout at Orange Theory Fitness, but that is no longer an option.

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03/19/20 - Pastor John

The fruit of an apple tree is… an apple. I’m no scientist, but for the tree to make good apples, it has to be a healthy tree.

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03/18/20 - Pastor John

The Bible verses I’m reflecting on are usually chosen by a simple bible app each day. I’m not searching for scripture on a topic for these posts… I’m acting on what is presented to me. I’m asking to see joy and peace in scripture. I’m asking for joy and peace in all things.

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3/16/20 - Pastor John

This verse of scripture appears in the middle of teachings about our “why”. One of the things I hear in this set of scriptures is a question about whether we live life actively avoiding “bad things” or actively looking for “good things”...

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