Ankeny First Budget

View our 2017 Line Item Budget and 2017 Narrative Budget.

In an effort to make our church finances more transparent to our congregation, you are able to view both our Line Item and Narrative Budgets above.

Notice that the individual figures on our narrative and line item budgets are not the same. While the "Total" is the same, a line item budget breaks things down according to our individual committees and clusters. The narrative budget breaks things down according to each ministry. So for example, while the line item budget includes the compensation figures for each pastor (under Staff Parish Relations Committee/"SPRC Total," within the narrative budget, the amount of time, and therefore, compentation each pastor invests in each ministry area is included. That is why, for example, the "Worship" total in the line item budget is $59,330, while in the narrative budget it is $290,198. This is what it actualy costs us to have ten differently weekly worship services, plus weddings, funerals, and other special worship events at Ankeny First. The same princliple is true for other areas of ministry (Adult Cluster, Children's Cluster, etc.). Through a narrative budget you can therefore see where we place some of our greatest priorities for ministry.