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Will Faith Matter? A Study of Galatians

We live in a time of significant and increasing disconnect (rising tribalism and division among us), as well as a shifting and uncertain sense of our own selves. Its not by accident that these two feed off each other. "What does it mean to be - a person, an individual, a family, a church, a community, a nation, a global community of human beings..." is one of the core driving questions of our time. And the traditional sources for where we have found the answer(s) to this question increasingly appear to be vacant and bankrupt of any meaninging reply. Perhaps no other "source" for these answers is so tested today than that of faith. "Does faith offer us anything meaningful to live by?" And as that question has been pursued, a rising fundamentalism across the globe within all religions/world views has become a reactionary response to this uncertainty - and thus rising extremism and even terrorism, are just adding fuel to the fires that say faith is a destructive force in our world today. So the question persists: "Will faith matter?" Will faith offer us any valid direction out of this mess (is faith life-giving), or "is God dead" and faith proven to be hollow for our times?

Join us as we discuss...

June 3/4: Deserting Faith

June 10/11: Knowing Your Faith Story

June 17/18: What Is a Christian?

June 24/25: Faith Race