Current Sermon Series

Beyond Boundaries

The focus of this sermon series will be how a risen Jesus moves people (us/His church) to cross social/moral/political/spiritual and other boundaries is such ways that we gather new perspectives (on life and people), reach new poeple, and take the Gospel into the world. What does it look like for us to not just be a church in residency, but a "sent church/a sent people" - which implies then that we are crossing boundaries as we are sent? Certainly, the Resurrection did this (people crossing boundaries of life and death, male/female, Jew/Gentile, slave/free - all are one in Christ Jesus: Galatians 3:28), and still needs to do that today. This therefore, is not just a "domestic series," but one that reaches all facets of our lives - home, marriage, family, work, world, and community. 

Join us as we discuss...

April 22/23: First Witnesses

April 29/30: Walking With Another

May 6/7: Restoration

May 13/14: The Place We Get to Doubt

May 20/21: Engage the World

May 27/28: Ascension and the Life to Come!