Current Sermon Series

What's Your Story? Seeing Your Life Through God's Eyes


We all want to live a great story. Your life is an adventure that you are co-writing with God. In this series we will be working on telling our own faith stories and using the story of Joseph from Genesis 37-50 as a guide. As we explore the ups and downs of Joseph's life, it is clear that he didn't really understand the significance of his life until he recognized what God was doing through him. Each week we will look at t different aspect of life. You are invited to see your life as a grand tale and to see God's hand in it!

August 6: Dear Younger Me - Young, arrogant Joseph and lessons we have learned from our youth

August 13: The Plot Thickens - Joseph finds himself in a predicament - plot twists and sacred wounds when life doesn't go according to plan

August 20: Discovering Who You Are Meant to Be - Jospeh achieves success - Coming into our own

August 27: Letting Go of Past Hurts - Joseph forgives his brothers

September 3: Passing On the Story - Jacob blesses Joesph's sons and passes on his story

September 10: What Would the World Miss If You Didn't Tell Your Story? - Everybody has a story...what's yours?