Discipleship Pathway Survey

Personal Discipleship Pathway Self-Assessment Tool

This resource is provided to help you determine how far along you are in your discipleship pathway, as well as ways to grow even deeper in a life of faith. There are NO “right/wrong” answers, just your answers. Please select the number from each question that most accurately reflects where you are right now.

A. When it comes to my personal worship:
    1. Worship is a mystery to me and I am willing to learn more about it
    2. I attend worship when a friend invites me, it is convenient, or feel a need
    3. I attend worship once or twice a month and realize that God is present with me every day
    4. I attend worship regularly and set aside time to connect with God daily
    5. I live my life increasingly aware of God’s presence and seek to please God in all I do
    6. I take God with me everywhere I go, and help others engage in worship of God, there, too

B. When it comes to hospitality:
    1. I am somewhat comfortable entering a church building
    2. I think the church could be a place for me to meet new friends
    3. I am finding and making friends and am willing to accept others as they are
    4. I am actively trying to relate more to people outside of the church in ways that reflect God’s love and accepted of them
    5. I intentionally seek to build relationships with people in order to share God’s love
    6. I go out of my way to welcome people in church, and invite those I know as well as people I meet to join me within church.

C. When it comes to devotion to spiritual growth and inviting others to grow:
    1. I need a place to rest (after crisis), or I am trying this on for size
    2. I think getting involved might be good and admire others who can talk about their faith, but I have lots of questions
    3. I’m involved in a study group that is helping me grow in my faith
    4. I pray and read the Bible and other devotional materials daily and want to share my faith with others
    5. I think my behavior reflects what I have learned about God and experienced with God in daily devotions
    6. I am helping others claim a personal devotional life with God, growing deeper in their life with God

D. When it comes to investing in mission and service and in living a generous life
    1. I see the church doing some good in the community
    2. I am interested in a particular mission or ministry the church supports and am seeking to find out more about it
    3. I believe Jesus invites me to join him in serving others - giving of my time, talents and treasure to do God’s work
    4. I have worked with to discover my spiritual gifts and will share at least 10% of my resources to do God’s work
    5. I am reordering my life to free up more of my time, talents and treasure to honor God and bless others
    6. I enjoy giving sacrificially and generously of my time, talents and treasure, and am helping others discover that joy as well

SCORING: Add up the numbers from each question and divide by four. This is your composite “discipleship score”. Compare your score to the “Disciple-making matrix”, below. Where your discipleship score falls is an indication where you are presently in your discipleship journey. (For instance an average score of “3” means you are in the Grow—Encounter stage.) Tap on the icon that reflects where you are and you will find a page just for that step, each with a variety of areas of ministry. Tap each area of ministry to find numerous possibilities which you might want to explore in going deeper in the discipleship journey.

Remember - Pastors and church staff are always available to help you if you have any questions

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