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umcMarketUMC MarketUMC Market – A Way Your On-Line Purchases Can Make a Micro –Contribution to our Church

UMC Market was created by the United Methodist Church in partnership with major online retailers. The goal of our denomination’s Corporate Partner Program is to help local churches generate non-traditional revenue streams in support of our ministries. By using UMC Market to make your online purchases from over 1000 partner retailers, our local church can receive commissions of 1-9%.   By slightly changing your on-line ordering practices and shopping at the UMC market, you can also assist our church! Participating retailers include Amazon, Macys, Lowes, Old Navy, Staples, Expedia, Barnes and Noble, Sears, Walgreens and many more!

How does UMC Market work?

  1. Visit to sign up and designate our church for the donations.
  2. Go to that website every time you are e-shopping.
  3. The donations will automatically be sent to our church.

There is no charge to our church or our members for this donation option. Church members, family and friends – the more people that join UMC Market, the more our church benefits! Support your church for free every time you shop. UMC Market even provides a Web browser add-on that members can download to make the process of shopping via UMC Market practically invisible.

Here is a more detailed description: 

  • Get started: Go to and join by entering your email address and a password of your choice in the box down to the left.
  • Find our church: Enter the name of our church, Ankeny First, in the middle box.
  • Time to shop: Browse through all the categories and choose to shop from the hundreds of stores. Every time you shop the stores will donate a portion of your purchase back to our church. Make sure to log in before going to the stores and to have an empty shopping cart before you start to shop. Also, you need to complete your purchase within 24 hours to be eligible for a donation.
  • What stores are participating and how much do they give back?
    Under the Stores tab you can search for stores in many different categories. Next to each store you will see the percentage that they have agreed to pay back on every purchase. Your micro-donations will automatically appear in your account for all stores except for AMAZON.

(Amazon purchases have to be claimed. About 2 to 7 days after your purchase you can claim your purchase by going to MY PAGE on UMCMARKET and click on AMAZON CLAIMS. If the purchase was from a third party within Amazon it usually takes up to a 7 days until you can claim it. Add the name of your item on the row with the corresponding price and your donation will soon be approved.)

  • When will our church get the micro-donations you create?
    Every time you have made a purchase you’ll get an email stating the amount of your micro-donation. Depending on the store and if they have the item in stock or not, it can take up to 7 days for them to reply. Every month the church with a accumulated value from donations that have been approved of $100 or more will receive a check from UMCmarket. If the accumulated total is less than $100, it will roll-over to the next month until the accumulated amount reaches $100.

Thank you for supporting our church through UMC Market!
The more people that know about UMCmarket, the more our church benefits. So, spread the word!


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