Youth Mission Trips

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As Christians, we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ, serving those who are in need and our mission trips are the way in which we do this best. We step outside our comfort zone to serve others. We develop a strong, unique sense of community with the group as a whole. We grow closer to God by taking the focus off of ourselves, and putting it on others. The mission trips allow us to explore what it truly means to be a servant of Christ. We take a mission trip during spring break and in the middle of the summer. Our trips are for youth in grades 8-12.

This Spring Break, March 11-16, 2018, we will be traveling to Omaha and connecting with the Urban Plunge ministry that is taking place within the city. Urban Plunge is partnered with numerous churches, food pantries, homeless shelters, and community clean up organizations in the impoverished areas of Omaha. Unlike most mission trips, each day we serve there will be a new project and focus with their partner groups, leading to multiple new experiences and opportunities to help those in need and grow closer to God while doing so. We are excited for this trip also because it allows us to connect with the community and residents of the areas we will be serving. It is these relationships and experiences that can have a lasting impact on our faith and how we view others within our community upon returning home. While in Omaha our group will be staying in a former school that has been remodeled into a volunteer group housing facility by Urban Plunge.

Registration closes February 10.

The Cost of the week long trip is $310 and covers all meals, housing, and transportation from the time we leave until our return. Payment due by March 4. Scholarship can be made available upon request.

Below is a link to register, through Urban Plunge. You will need the following details to register.

Link to register: REGISTER NOW!
Password: urbanplunge
Organization ID: 001U000000A1YgoIAF
Trip ID: 7010P000001q7KdQAI
Please check the "YES" box that you want your team leader to receive a copy of your registration.

We are in need of adult volunteers and chaperons for this trip, as well as transport vehicles. If, as an adult, you would like to be part of this mission team or have any questions regarding the trip, please contact Drew at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Urban Plunge: