Capital Campaign

"Reach Beyond" Update
In 2020, we asked God, "Lord, what do you want to do through me?" We knew we needed to pay off the mortgage on the Christian Life Center and it would take radical action from God and radical generosity from us to pay off the $1.8 million owed. Despite a pandemic, a changed timeline, and wild swings in the economy, pledges of $2.1 million were raised! In 2022, as we prepared for a life without a mortgage, we listened to the congregation through the month of April for suggestions on how to spend the potential surplus of funds. We heard you say that we want to be as free as possible from difficult financial circumstances so we can be free to reach beyond our congregation to make a difference in our community, and especially to be free of expensive building repairs. The Council voted in May to use all of the Reach Beyond surplus funds to build a reserve for anticipated repairs and some ministry-minded new projects. Trustees have identified likely projects for the surplus of funds and that list of projects can be found: 

The three-year Capital Campaign is ongoing and commitments to Reach Beyond can be paid until its conclusion in November of 2023. We are excited about what God continues to do through Reach Beyond, not just for our finances, but for our faith. Thank you for being God's agents to do more than we could have asked for or imagined!

History of "Reach Beyond"
In the mid-2000s, Ankeny First’s growth had created a capacity problem. The leaders at the time had a vision, not only to solve the problem of space demand but to meet the growing recreational needs of a such a fast-growing city as Ankeny - and so the Christian Life Center (CLC) was born.
Since then, the CLC has exceeded expectations in every way:
¨ Over 500 people in worship each week
¨ Nearly 100 people in Alcoholics Anonymous and recovery groups each week
¨ Over 350 people in senior adult fitness each week
¨ Over 50 people in adult fitness classes each week
¨ Over 300 children in soccer and nearly 50 children in basketball each year.
With so many amazing ministries happening, not just at the CLC but across our 3-site church, our congregational leaders agree that as long as the mortgage exists, there is the possibility that we would need to choose between the mortgage and the ministry to which our whole church has been called.
We believe that focusing financially, just as we have recommitted to focusing in ministry, will continue our church’s great momentum. Rather than worrying about debt, we dream of focusing our creative energy on mission and ministry that changes lives.
Our Plan with REACH BEYOND
¨ Focusing on paying off the $1.8 million principal in three years through the REACH BEYOND campaign and paying the $70,000 in interest expense per year through the operating budget.
¨ As our interest expense decreases each year, we will continue to budget at $70,000 annually to prepare for capital improvements such as major repairs in the future.
¨ We will save $200,000 in interest payments that can be freed for mission giving and local ministries.
¨ We can focus our future creativity and financial resources on reaching the still rapidly-growing city of Ankeny and surrounding areas.

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