During this time of "physical distancing" 
Stay Spiritually and Physically fit with these online resources

We know at a time like this it may be tough to find the motivation to move your body each and every day. Exercise is SO important, and we hope that even though we won’t be able to meet at the church to achieve our goals together, you are still able to find some time at home to get some active minutes in! Remember, even though you may not have equipment at home, body weight exercises work just as well!

Don't forget to continue to pray for one another and reach out to check on your friends!

S.E.T. Classes

Remember to exercise caution and go at your own pace. 






Go through the 3 exercises 3 rounds, as fast as possible with little to NO rest.
Rest between each set as needed.

Set 1. 10 squats, 10 jump squats, 5 burpees
Set 2. 10 push ups, 10 Supermans, 30 mountain climbers
Set 3. 10 lunges, 8 single leg squats each side, 30 speed skaters
Set 4. 5 inchworms, 20 shoulder plank taps, 30 plank joggers

Workout 2


TABATA- 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds

1. Fast feet/ squat knee raise
2. 180 degree burpees
3. Curtsy lunge+side lunge (alternate legs each round)
4. Big Flutter Kicks/ Little Flutter Kicks
5. Side plank reach throughs (alternate sides each round)

Workout 3

Ladder Down

Ladder down: 10 reps- 1 rep

Star Jumps/Jumping Jacks
Triceps push ups
Hip Bridges
Plank jack knees
Shoulder Push Ups
Leg Raises

Workout 4


Set a timer for 20 minutes. Get through the workout as many times as possible within the time frame.

30 High Knees
15 sumo squats
5 burpees
30 downhill skiers
15 squat calf raises
5 burpees
30 Touchdowns
15 WIDE push ups
5 burpees
30 single leg hops (each side)- modify with both feet hops
15 donkey kicks each side
5 burpees

Workout 5



- plank shin taps, plank jacks
- narrow squats, in and outs
- low jacks, knee obliques
- high knees, plank hip dips

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