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At Ankeny First, we believe that
people want a life with meaning.

The word meaning may be a little different for each of us. Meaning in life could be the work that you think is important, or your deep relationships, or even seeing how your past pain can help someone else. While wanting meaning in our lives, many are settling for more: more square feet, more money in the bank, more toys in the garage, more successes, or more activities for our kids. As we chase more, the more we wonder if there is ever going to be enough. We often wonder if we are enough, so we compensate with more.

Ankeny First is here to guide you past the obstacle of more, and direct you toward a meaningful life. Our method begins by taking a step in worship. Next, you take a step to connect with others in a small group. Finally, you take a step to respond in service. Then repeat.


Worship is the belief that God is worth it. A great way to express that God is worth our time is by setting aside time to attend a church worship service. A worship service isn't the only way to show God is worth it. It’s possible to have profound worship experiences that aren’t inside the walls of a church. 

Worship happens when we release ourselves to God. When the way we treat others, or what we say to others reveals that God is worth it, we worship. Any time we notice what God has done and feel like telling God, "Good job!" we worship.


To get past the quest for more to a quest for meaning, you're going to need some help. After you begin to experience that God is "worth it" in worship, the next step is to connect with other people. 

To connect at Ankeny First is to be part of a small group centered on Jesus. He is what we have in common. We are transformed in these relationships as we study the Bible and talk about our faith, seeking to understand Jesus better and follow him more closely. Our differences become opportunities to stretch our understanding of God and the world. What we have in common becomes a foundation of trust. These are the connections that clarify the meaning our lives have.


Connecting with one another opens room for the power of the Holy Spirit. That power is released through the gifts, natural abilities, and good and bad experiences each of us has had. We all have something of value to offer, and nothing short of the transformation of the world is at stake. Meaningful work is important to having a meaningful life; contributing what you have to the transformation of the world is as meaningful as it gets.

There is more going on when we serve, though. When we respond in service, we find ourselves back at worship, discovering the love of God from the other side as we express love to others with no expectation of repayment. To respond is its own reward; it elevates our ability to praise the worthiness of God.

This all sounds pretty simple, and it is simple. Simple doesn't make it easy, though.
Come along with the end in mind, knowing that a meaningful life really is about growing in love with God.

We introduced this church-wide vision statement as we moved from 2023 to 2024. We want to encourage you to read this statement regularly and pray about how God is offering us opportunities to grow toward this aspirational vision together EACH DAY as a church. 

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